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How Is Sula Vineyard? Worth it or overrated?

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Sula Vineyard
Sula Vineyard. Worth or Overrated?

Maharashtra's first Vineyard located in Nashik was founded in 1998 by Rajeev Samant. Sula Vineyard or Sula Wines has finally opened for tourists post Covid-19 lockdown. Today it has become one of the hot spot for weekend getaways, Sula fest, Sula wine tasting and tour. But is it really worth the cost for Sula Resorts or is it overrated? Let's Find out.

Sula Vineyard has glamorous touch with Sula resort's - The Source at Sula and Beyond by Sula, infinity pool, view of the grape plantation. But resorts are costly. Road to resort is one bumpy ride and unless you have your own vehicle it's best to avoid it.

There are basically 3 vineyards in Govardhan village

1. Sula vineyard

Founded in 1990, its located from Nashik City center around 15km, Govardhan village. Very well maintained, expanded over 1800 acres in total.

Best Time to visit:

Dec- Jan: For real vineyard experience with grape farming, harvesting, grape crushing and wine tasting with fun of winter.

June-Nov: For weekend getaway with monsoon greenery and enjoy the rain. It will be crowded so book well in advance. Weekdays are cheaper than weekends.

But road to Sula is very narrow and bumpy. With heavy rain it might get difficult to reach.

What they provide?

  • 2 resorts

  • The Source at Sula

  • Beyond by Sula

Both resorts give amazing view and amenities with swimming pool, great restaurant, quite and peaceful time. Their restaurant right in front of the grape farm is amazing for evening snack or dinner. You can buy a whole bottle of wine and enjoy your evening.

On ground floor they have tasting and tour and shop for wine and merchandise.

Tour and Tasting: Tour and tasting starts from morning 10 am till evening 6.30 pm on weekdays and till 7.30 pm on weekends. Tour last for about 50 min and there is tour every hour. They teach you everything about wine tasting, how to hold a glass, how to swirl the wine in a right way etc. It’s great tour specially for those who love wine! For non-alcoholic person the smell can be noxious.

Sula Fest: Music festival hosted in February is the busiest time for Sula. Tourists coming from all over India, prices of the resort are sky high. It's individual choice to attend that festival or not.

2. Soma Vineyard

Located just 5 min from Sula vineyard is another great place to visit. They also provide resort, Villa, serviced apartment. Not to costly and is great alternative to Sula Vineyard.

They also provide Tour and Tasting, every hour from morning 10.30 am to last batch at 6.30 pm. With all the information about wine tasting, how to hold a glass, how to swirl the wine in a right way etc.

Another great resort is right in front of Soma that is Aria resort and spa. It's a great place to stay with great rooms and restaurant.

To know other resorts near Sula click here.

3. York winery and tasting

Located near to Sula, This is 3rd vineyard in Nashik which provides tour and tasting. Their tasting starts at 12 pm till 6 pm.

No stay is available at this vineyard. But they do have a restaurant.

Overall, Sula was the first vineyard to become weekend getaway so has been very well know. They do provide great services but resort's cost specially on weekends and during peak season might be the reason to hold you back. But there are other resorts as mentioned above which you can use as your stay and still visit Sula vineyard. It's not must to stay there. In fact stay at a resort outside of Vineyard and do vineyard hopping. It's another great way to enjoy Vineyards. All the vineyards are within 10 min reach.

Sula is great but Sula has become like an iPhone and other Vineyards are Samsung and Mi. Though all 3 phone companies are good iPhone gives more premium look and looks good in hand. Same has happened with Sula. It has become a status quotient. It gives more premium resorts and higher price than others. That's why for some,those who like to explore Sula might feel overrated.

Please let us know in comments how you like the article and if you have any suggestions❤.

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