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M2M Ferries Ro-Ro Mumbai- Alibaug-Mumbai

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

M2M RoRo ferries is one of the best way to reach Mandwa Jetty, Alibaug From Mumbai and return from Mandwa to Mumbai. It takes 40 minutes only to reach Mandwa. The cruise is very special as you can carry your own vehicle with you and roam Alibaug in your own vehicle.

Planning a quick getaway to Alibaug has become very easy, Thanks to M2M Ferries and Frequency is good enough through out the day.

Where to Go?

In Mumbai, you have to go to "Bhaucha Dhakka". You can search for Bhaucha Dhakka on Google Maps. It is situated parallel to Gateway Of India. Once you reach at check post, mention to police personnel M2M ferries as there are 2 ways from the check post. One will take you to simple sharing ferry and other one will take you to M2M Ferry.

Tickets and Timings:

Ticket is Rs. 300/- per person.

2 Wheeler Rs. 200/-

4 Wheeler - Depends on Vehicle

Timing: Timings change every week. They upload weekly timing on their website.

Check Here.

They have their own caffeteria which is a beautiful place to just sit and relax or you can even sit outside and enjoy the view with seagulls flying along side the ferry. If you have chips you can even hold it in your hand high and seagulls will come close to you and you can take photos. But be careful, they bite!

Overall it's a great experience. Even if you are not from Mumbai, you should experience this once. Wish they start similar Ferry for Goa soon. 😁

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and also we are welcome for any suggestions.

Happy Travelling!😊

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