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Weekend Getaway to Nashik. Land of Vineyards!

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Vineyards near Nashik are situated at Govardhan Village, Most famous being Sula Vineyard.

Far from hustle bustle of the city Its the best weekend gateway near Nashik from Mumbai or Pune.

Best Time to Visit Sula Vineyard:

For Grape plants and winter to enjoy: December - February

Just for Weekend Getaway : June - November

Monsoon view is Breath-taking!!

We went just for a weekend getaway. Actually 48hours is ample time to enjoy any vineyards. That to if you are going to drink wine or at least taste. If none of that then just a one night stay is sufficient.

For transport:

It is best to have your own car. You don't get Uber/Ola. Only Ola available is From Nashik To Sula and back. They don't go beyond Sula.

To walk at night is scary because no street lights. But if you are in group then it will be fun.

For stay:

2 of Sula Vineyard's resorts -The Source at Sula and Beyond by Sula are within Sula Vineyard campus. But prices go up during weekend and Winter season.

Sula Resorts are not the only options there. We stayed in Aria Resort and Spa . Newly opened , just 5 min by car from Sula, 30 min by walk, right IN front of another vineyard "Soma Vineyard".

Their rooms are amazing!! Spacious!! and to choose from Hill view/Lake View/ Pool View.

Aria Resort and Spa
Aria Resort and Spa

View from the Resto

Aria Resort and Spa night view
Night View from Balcony

There are other resorts also in Soma Vineyards. All resorts prices go up on weekend and in season.

Aria Resort also has cycles to roam around with Rs.300 for 1 hour.


Plenty of small resto outside as well as great restaurants in vineyards.

Visit to Vineyards.

There are 3 different vineyards.

  1. Sula Vineyards

  2. Soma Vineyard

  3. York vineyards

All have their own wine tasting and tours every hour from morning 10am to 6pm on weekdays. For detail schedule you can check click here.

Bottom line is.... Visiting vineyards is great for just a 2 days weekend getaway. More than that it will be boring.

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