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A Treasure of Malvan - Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli. Declared as Queen beach of Maharashtra. Located in Malvan in Sindhudurg District named after Sindhudurg Fort, built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in Arabian Sea.

It is famous for Chivla beach, Devbagh beach or Devbagh Sangam,Tsunami island and Water sports especially scuba diving, boat rides and banana ride.

Post Covid, it is open again for tourists and shacks have started opening up on these beaches just like Goa. So it is like mini Goa in Maharashtra.

How to get there?

From Mumbai Pune:

Bus/Car. Bus will come till Kankavli from where Chivla beach is close by.

Train to Kudal or Kankavli by Konkan Express. It is a overnight journey on Mumbai- Kochi Highway.

From Goa: Airport to Kankavli by Cab. or Panjim to Kudal by bus. But direct buses are not available so best like us, if you are coming from Mumbai come by bus to Kankavli.

We took bus from Mumbai to Kankavli. We reached there in the morning, from station we took auto to Chivla beach.

Where to Stay?

If you want authentic beach side experience with authentic fish dishes in malvan masala at the best price ever, choose HOMESTAY. Do not go for hotels. Plenty of options for homestay with amazing garden with coconut tress. Spending evening at such a place with sound of waves crashing on the shore is heaven.

Where to go?

You can rent a bike there for transport if you do not want to use your car. Bike is anytime recommended if you want to enjoy driving on empty roads with coconut trees running along with you on both sides.

1 . Chivla Beach

Serene, empty with a vast coast line and very well maintained rock garden and sunset point is the place to spending your evening after travelling.

2. Sindhudurg Fort:

Next day you can Proceed to Sindhudurg Fort in the morning early. Either you can do scuba diving here or at Tarkarli beach. Choice is yours. experience will be same. First visit Sindhudurg by Boat then Scuba diving.

Few Tips: - Do not go for scuba diving with stomach full. It will be difficult to breath as you have to breath through your mouth. With stomach full, you will not be able to take deep breaths. Wear something with full sleeves or you will get bad tan. Bargain for scuba diving price, or for any water sports price for that matter. Do not expect crystal clear water like Andaman or Other countries. If you have done scuba diving in crystal clear water, skip scuba diving here.

3. Devbagh Sangam Beach

Few kilometers from Chivla Beach, This beach is one of the biggest and white sand beach. On one side you see Arabian Sea, on the other Karli River draining into Arabian sea. ( Ignore the Ghost IMage :D)

There is a small restaurant on the beach where you can relax and enjoy. Here you will get scuba diving and water sports.

4. Tarkarli Beach.

Enjoy evening walk at Tarkarli Beach and dinner at near by homestay restaurant.

3 days 2 nights is sufficient for this. There are other places to visit if you have time like Malvan Market, Tsunami island by boat and Kankeshwar Shiv Temple.

Do share your comments and experience if you visit Tarkarli or Malvan suggestions. ❤

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