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Things to do in Alibaug

Alibaug is a coastal city with some great clean beaches in Maharashtra. Alibaug is weekend getaway or even weekday if you don't want crowd. 2 or maximum 3 days are enough for Alibaug. You can enjoy Authentic Konkani Sea food. Look For home stay as they provide best home cooked dishes. An Israelite named Ali used to live in that area during his time. He was a wealthy man and owner of lands with many plantations of mangoes and coconuts. That place was known as "Alichi Bagh" hence the name stuck " Alibaug".

Places to Visit in Alibaug

1 . Kolaba Fort

Built in 1861, This fort is well preserved and has amazing view of Arabian Sea. It is easy to reach there too.

Go to Alibaug beach. Best part of this fort is, though it is a fort in the sea but you can actually WALK to the fort at low tide from 12 pm to around 3 pm. It is hardly 1 km from Alibaug Beach shore. You can also take horse cart when low tide or boats when high tide.

Each costs Rs. 100 but walking is free. 😁

2 . Kihim Beach

Kihim beach or Kihim Chowpatty is situated 9 km from Alibaug. This beach is best known for wide shore, water sports, shallow water and multiple shacks to eat. Sunset from Kihim is beach a treat to your eyes.

3 . Thal Beach

Completely Secluded from Vehicles and people. If you want to enjoy empty sea shore and just sit there then this beach is for you. It is stony beach so swimming is not possible but you can go deeper to sit on those stones and enjoy waves crashing.

4. Khanderi Fort

Located on Kanhoji Angre Island, this fort has light house which was built by British in 1867. This fort is very well maintained and gives great view of the sea. From Nagaon beach Boats are available to reach here. Nagaon Beach is 9 km from Alibaug.

5. Kashid Beach

Clean beach, white sand and lots of water sports. This beach is a great place to relax and spend half day. Only Problem it is little far from Alibaug ( 32 km ). It takes 1 hour to reach if you are staying in Alibaug. But it is worth visiting.

Do comment and let us know if you have any queries or suggestions. We will be happy to help.

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